Spring Launch Agreement

2021 Spring Launch Agreement

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  • Sunset Bay Marina (SBM) requires all balances to be paid in full prior to your launch date.
  • Boats not scheduled will not be launched. The SBM Office will email or call to confirm your launch date at least 3 days prior to launch. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US!
  • We require at least 7 business days’ notice to schedule a launch date.
  • If service is requested, please allow at least two weeks’ notice for your requested launch date. SERVICE WILL NOT BE DONE SAME DAY.
  • An inspection will be done on the boat prior to splashing. If any damages are found and the owner is not present during launch, a call will be made immediately to the Owner(s). After the boat has left SBM we are no longer responsible for any damages.
  • Usage of a slip is allowed for 2 days/48 hours at no charge starting on your launch date.  After 48 hours, a daily fee of $45 will be charged to your account for every day your boat remains at a slip.  All of our slips are needed promptly for other customers. 
  • Boats located on a rack in the Indoor Storage Building cannot be scheduled until after May 15th.
  • If cords, bumpers or ropes are provided by SBM on launch day and are not returned, you may be charged for these items.
  • Please remember your batteries! Be sure that they are charged and ready if SBM is not providing this service.
Spring Launch Agreement
Please offer Sunset Bay a least two options for scheduling purposes. REMEMBER: Minimum 2 week notice for service!
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Download and print Sunset Bay Marina’s 2021 spring launch agreement. Simply, click on the image to download and/or print.